When The White Man Loses His Honey…

November 3, 2013 at 4:26 pm

…That’s when you know things have gone too far.

Richard Dawkins took to Twitter today, airing a complaint about his honey being confiscated from him by Airport security:


This instantly made me think of the old BBC show: ‘Grumpy Old Men’ where a cacophony of grumpy old men complain about the little things that make their lives an absolutely misery. Taken in isolation, having your honey taken away from you by a ‘jobsworth’ security guard at an airport is of course quite the irritation, particularly when one considers how many Nobel Prizes have been won by Security Guards. None. NONE!

Now I think Richard was trying (badly) to illuminate the point that airport security has gone too far, I mean how dangerous could a little pot of honey really be? How much honey would it take to hi-jack or blow up a plane after all? Of course, Richard’s arrogance knows no bounds, you see the rules are there for a reason and they are clear for all too see (even if you are a world-famous pompous prick). I wonder, if a man or woman of ‘Muslim appearance’ had his honey taken off him, would Richard be quite so irate? I doubt it.

His angry little tweet also gave me mental images of Osama bin Laden and his various deputies sat around a camp fire in the mountains of Tora Bora discussing their grand plan with a hint of Tony Montana:

 In this country, you gotta take the honey first. Then when you get the honey, you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.”

But on a slightly more serious note, before Richard takes the time out to complain about his honey-related injustices, perhaps he should take some time out to think of the lives of Muslims and people who ‘look like’ Muslims. Maybe he should consider the fact that Muslims can barely go anywhere without attracting distrusting glances at best through to being attacked at worst. If we want to fly, we are subjected to harsher, more humiliating questioning and experiences than anybody else.  We are all tarred by the Osama brush. Society has a deep-rooted, thinly-veiled hatred of Muslims. Hatred stirred up by a wide variety of public figures and organisations ranging from this Conservative government and the press through to Tommy Robinson and Mr Dawkins himself.

So when Mr Dawkins is subjected to a four hour interrogation at an airport  just for the colour of his skin, or for his beliefs then perhaps I may consider taking his complaint seriously. When he is stopped at a British airport and asked whether he is travelling with the Asian woman in front of him, to which he says ‘Yes’ and is then told to ‘follow me’ on that basis for a ‘random’ baggage check, he can come back and complain to me. Perhaps when he feels nervous about travelling alone for fear of racist attacks on him, then he can come back to me.

Until then:

Dawkins. Together We Can Find the Cure.”