Banning the Burqa…

September 17, 2013 at 6:18 pm

I can’t for the life of me understand why a potential banning of Islamic face coverings is even being discussed within this country at the moment. Having read a bit of the press surrounding it, I still don’t fully understand the reasoning behind this sudden upsurge in public opinion backing it. A few questions immediately pop in to my head:

  1. Why do we want to ban it?
  2. What value does it serve to the British public?
  3. Have the needs of those who wear the veil been considered?
  4. What are the punishments for failing to adhere to the ban?
  6. Are you f**king stupid?
  7. Are you just a complete c*nt?
  8. Have you ever met a woman who wears the veil?

Why do we want to ban it? Fuck knows. It looks like a few upper-middle class white men think have formed an opinion (with very little basis of fact) that Muslim women are forced in to wearing it, therefore banning it will free them. It’s pretty clear that these upper-middle class white male types once saw a woman in the street wearing a veil and just didn’t like it. It’s also clear that the needs and desires of veil-wearing women have not been considered at all. Had there been any level of consultation with veil-wearing women the government and press would realise that veil-wearers often¬†love their veil. Often their parents don’t actually want them to wear it, but they insist on doing so.

So, I can only assume then that the banning of the veil is all about Britain’s misguided lurch to the right. It’s all about populist faux-politics. Create a false issue, then deliver a false fix to the false issue and rake in the votes in 2015. Who gives a toss about those people actually affected, because let’s be ¬†brutal here. If you don’t wear one, it shouldn’t make a blind bit of fucking difference to your life. If it does make a difference to you, then you’re probably an insecure, paranoid little Englander with shit for brains. And that answers question number two, it doesn’t serve any value to the British public whatsoever. It really does not make a difference.

Have the needs of veil-wearers been considered? Stupid question. Stupid, stupid question. The White Knights that are actually thinking about this kind of policy probably think that all Muslim women are poor little creatures who are forced to do this, or forced to do that. The fact is, they don’t even know a Muslim woman. They don’t know that Muslim women generally are given far more freedom by their faith than any other. The biggest oppression Muslim women face is from white cunts that think it’s ok to shout abuse at them and attack them in the street.

As for the punishment for failing to adhere to any future ban, well f*ck me. “So Mrs Akmal, due to your insistence on adhering to your beliefs instead of the ones we’re attempting to enforce on you, we’re going to fine you, imprison you or make you do community service.”

Have you not seen France? No further comment required.

Are you f**king stupid? Yes, if you think that banning a piece of cloth is a good idea then you’re not just stupid, you’re a f**king brainwashed moron. And yes, you’re a complete c*nt too.

Have you ever met a woman wearing the veil? No, but you really should. Because their views on the clothing that they choose to wear might just surprise you.