Outsourcing Death

August 15, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Tony Blair, quite rightly, often cops a lot of flak for his over-eagerness to enter into war with our American partners (read Masters) in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m sure anybody reading this is well aware that the ‘war’ in Iraq was premised on the fact that Saddam Hussein had built up large stores of WMDs and that we’d save the day by bringing democracy to Iraq. The ‘war’ in Afghanistan was premised on the fact that the Taliban regime there harboured terrorists, so we’d rid Afghanistan of these terrorists, bring democracy and make it a better place. Oh, and of course on the complete down-low was the only actual fact:

We’d make sh*t loads of money out of it.

History now tells us that Saddam did not have any WMDs, never mind a stash big enough to pose a threat to the US or even the UK. We have tried to enforce democracy (the irony) in Afghanistan and Iraq, but we’ve completely failed in that respect as nothing’s really changed in either country. We haven’t really gotten rid of any terrorists in Afghanistan, merely made it easier for them to recruit globally. We’ve only succeeded in making Afghanistan and Iraq far more dangerous places than they ever used to be.

One of the main criticisms that faces the likes of Blair, Bush and now Obama is the civilian death toll. We’ll never really know the exact amount, because of the sheer politics involved in counting dead people. The UN and other international agencies of ‘peace’ will always be keen to downplay this number, whereas sources sympathetic to the local cause may be just as keen to exaggerate. Whether these perceptions are accurate or not isn’t really relevant because no one will agree on specifics, what we can agree on though is a sh*t load of innocent people have died as a result of these ‘wars’. The inverted commas are purely placed because these were labelled as wars, but were actually more like occupations by much larger, more technologically, militarily and economically advanced bullies.

Anyway, the point behind this article is to simply state that politicians in the UK have learned some important lessons from our misadventures overseas helping out our masters. Whilst Tony Blair can be said to have given the direct orders that led to the deaths of potentially millions of civilians, orders that he still refuses to acknowledge any regret for, David Cameron cannot be said to have given direct orders to kill anyone. Our PR savvy Prime Minister learnt from Iraq and Afghanistan, that if you want to make s*it loads of money from killing people, you’re probably better off doing it via somebody else.

We have in place a Government now that is happy, no delighted, to sell weapons (or at least Military Tech) to: Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Argentina (Bizarrely enough!), Iran, Russia and China. At the same time we have a government who continually condemn or express concern at state violence and oppression of freedoms in the very same countries.

So instead of pledging ourselves to large-scale participation in military occupations around the globe, David  merely supplies the weaponry for repressive regimes to murder and oppress their own citizens. Of course, the good thing about all of this is that the Arms Trade provides the UK with bucket loads of cash and jobs to boost the economy that his government is so desperately failing to fix. So whilst Tony Blair has blood on his hands, David’s outsourced it to somebody else. And he f*cking loves it.