The Cold Room

August 4, 2013 at 11:52 pm

The room was cold and dark. I tried to look around, shivering, but couldn’t see anything. I felt my way around the edge of the room, the walls were cool, harsh concrete. Though I couldn’t be certain, the room seemed to be the shape of a cube. A distant whirring noise penetrated the walls, reaching my eardrums. The lack of light was heightening my other senses and putting me on edge. I couldn’t recall how I ended up in this room, but I sensed it probably wasn’t by choice. At least not my choice anyway.

Then a flash of brilliant white light assaulted my eyes, as if it were punishing them for just being open. I shut them, but the light passed through my crumpled eyelids as if they weren’t there. I covered my eyes with the back of my hand and made an attempt to open them, squinting hard desperate to keep the fury of the light out yet sneak a peek. As much as I tried, I failed. The light was too bright, a burning sensation enveloped my retinas no sooner than they were exposed.

As my raised arm began to tire I switched, raising my right arm to cover my precious eyes, dropping my left arm to rest it. My left arm brushed past the skin on my ribcage, wasn’t I wearing a top? Was I even wearing any clothes? Apparently not. With the brilliant white light beaming down on me, I shrivelled up into a ball of naked flesh and began shivering. The room was no longer cold, the light had raised the temperature significantly in the few moments that it had been on. I was now shivering through fear.

As if recognising my fear, and achieving its goal, the light flicked off as sharply as it had flicked on.