Anti-Terror Nurseries & Childminders? Not Far Enough, Son.

January 5, 2015 at 12:47 am

Yesterday was a dark day for civilisation, as the UK Government announced in a new 39-page document that Nursery Schools and Childminder Services both have a role to play in Counter-Terrorism measures and will be expected to report children they deem to be at risk of ‘Radicalisation’.

Lots of left-wing loonies came out on the Twitter and the Facebook and the Guardian’s comments section decrying this as some kind of Orwellian dystopian nightmare-ish futurey-type scenario – well they bloody would, wouldn’t they? But I, as a fervent UKIP supporter and fine upstanding citizen of the good ship Great Britain, think that these measures don’t go far enough.

Clearly by the time a child is three or four, it’s too late. These Asian folk I see have their children fully indoctrinated within weeks of birth, so we’re striking three or four years too late and quite frankly it’s an outrage. I should be able to eat my bacon, sausage and egg sarnie with a pint every morning without fear of a 4 year old with a modified Fisher Price bomb-vest trying to kill me. No, we’re not going far enough here and it’s typical of our foreign-pandering politicians to be so damned weak.

People will say I’m being racist, but I’m not at all, I have one black friend and even he agrees with me. What we need to do is monitor the sperm and egg cells of these Asians that come to our shores. We need to test them and root out the ‘bad eggs’ so to speak before they can be born. That way, we won’t need to waste valuable resource in our Nurseries and Schools educating the little suicide-crazed bombers.

We’re clearly under attack from immigrants. Not only do these people want to come here, take our jobs, homes and women – oh no. Now they want to blow us up too. Well I say catch them whilst they’re just a twinkle in their father’s eye.

That ought to sort it. And remember, vote Farage.



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