Five Months Off

August 27, 2014 at 7:37 am

It’s been a long while since I last posted anything here, so long in fact that upon logging on I was informed I needed to upgrade my WordPress version as I’m vulnerable to the Heartbleed vulnerability. Now I’m wondering if anyone even remembers what that is/was.

Anyway, I’m on a train heading for London having left the actual sunshine of Manchester (no, seriously) and heading through some thick fog in the Midlands. I don’t often do a lot during these train journeys, I like to watch the world go by and think about stuff but today I couldn’t help but notice a particular story dominating the headlines.

That story is of course the report into abuse in Rotherham over the past decade or so, which revealed that around 1,400 children were abused by gangs of predominantly Asian males, and by Asian they mean the Indian subcontinent.

Whilst that number, conservative or otherwise, is a complete shock, it should come as no surprise that Asian males played a significant role in this series of incomprehensibly disgusting crimes. The report claims that the authorities were afraid to raise the issue for fear of being seen as racist, and to a degree that’s understandable given the relationship between the Police and ethnic minorities in the UK, but it’s no excuse. If even half of this estimate involved Asian males, it’s not racism whatsoever, it’s fact.

I’m not sure what kind of response, if any, I will get for writing this, but my own experiences and observations of some Asian communities have been concerning. That’s certainly not to say that all Asian people are bad, rapists or child abusers, no. But if you yourself are Asian or have meaningful relationships with Asian people you will have undoubtedly experienced a bizarre attitude within a tiny minority of people within the community.

Without a shadow of a doubt, there is a small contingent of familie, Asian or otherwise, that raise their sons quite differently to the way they raise their daughters. Their girls are limited in what they can do, limited in who they can talk to, limited in where they can go and live life as instructed. In isolation, being treated as second class is bad enough, but it’s the way these particular families raise their sons which is of most concern.

In complete contrast to the daughters, the sons have almost no limits. They are the pride of the family and can do no wrong. They can make friends with whomever they wish, do as they please, go wherever they want. In isolation, this is perfectly normal and how any child should be raised – to have freedom. The problem is, their sisters are raised like slaves or servants. A great many boys will grow up realising that this is wrong and unfair, that their sisters deserve equal treatment and they will speak out, defend their sisters and support them.

But what of those who accept the status quo? A great many will meander through life without saying anything, accepting it for the way it is without any malicious intent. Then there are those who will exploit this status quo, that push the limits. I suspect that these are in a minority, but that the majority of the men in this Rotherham case come from that group. My theory is that they see that their sisters are beneath them, giving them a skewed view of what a woman is. Then they take this view and push it to the extreme. They are of course the pride of the family, the boys who will preserve the family name, so they get away with their minor indiscretions, giving them free reign to escalate further and further. The results of which we have all read about over the past couple of days.

It has to be said, that there are families of all colours, races and religions with a similar view. After all, the vast majority of prisoners are white, not Asian. So let’s not mistake this post as a racist diatribe against Asian people. It isn’t.

I’m just calling out my own observations and formulating a theory that applies to all races. From your own observations, can you honestly say you’ve never known a family like this?


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