Strong on Benefits, Weak on Morals

November 27, 2013 at 8:56 pm

David Cameron said today was all about sending out a “clear message” to people that the UK is no longer a soft touch on benefits. He’s definitely sent out a clear signal, that is for sure. But is it the signal he intended?

The first signal to me is that he’s definitely basing his stance on anecdotal evidence at best, xenophobic ideology at worst. People? What people? British People? Foreign People? Polish People? Romanian People? Bulgarian People? Muslim People? White People?

Additionally, how much of a real concern is this ‘Benefit Tourism’ he’s targeting? Well, take a look at this article from the New Statesman for a clue: - hint: not all that much of a concern at all.

So there are some really clear signals being sent out by Mr Cameron today, and a few cloudy ones too. It’s clear that he isn’t acting on evidence, more so on what the Daily Mail says but it’s unclear as to whether he’s stupid, evil, weak or a horrid combination of all three.

British politics really is at an all-time low at the moment, it’s at a point where national newspapers run by ideologically insane editors are dictating policy of not only government, but of the opposition too. When the Daily Mail says ‘Jump’, Cameron, Clegg and Miliband all compete to respond quickest and loudest:


Instead of challenging the Daily Mail on it’s overtly xenophobic, narrow-minded and almost colonialist views and ideologies the politicians of today hop on to a metaphorical surfboard and attempt to ride the false-waves of public opinion. They don’t seem to be taking the time or effort to look over their shoulder and see that these aren’t natural waves they’re riding, these are waves controlled by a small but powerful elite looking to guide our country backwards into the 19th Century.

Public Opinion may well be stacked in favour of limiting the number of Bulgarians or Romanians landing on our shores, but the problem with that public opinion is that it’s so hideously misinformed. The public are being lied to by the majority of our news outlets, with just a few baby turtles trying to swim against this tsunami of lies, exaggerations and fear-mongering propaganda that fills the pages of the largest, widest circulated newspapers.

The problem that people with brains, eyes, ears and a connection between them are facing at the moment is that we can see and hear exactly what is going on. We can see that this Conservative Government (sorry, but the Lib Dems really do offer nothing whatsoever) have declared war on welfare, whether it’s essential or not. They’ve targeted benefits as a real vote-winner, because they know that at this very minute, life for a lot of working people is pretty fucking shit. They know that wages are increasing at about 1-3% while the price of essential services and goods is going up anywhere between 5-30%.

They can see that a lot of working people are pretty damned unhappy, and they know that there’s a heck of a lot of working people out there that need a focal point to direct their anger at. Usually, that’d be the government. Usually, we’d be out in our droves protesting at how sickeningly feeble our government is in the face of big corporations but of course any government faces a bit of a dilemma. We need voters to vote, but we need Corporate money. We can’t allow them or us to be the focus of anger, what do we do?

The answer is obvious. Divert the anger elsewhere, on to a much more palatable target. Initially, it was ‘This mess the Labour Government left behind‘, but of course that could only ever work as a short-term fix. Soon enough, the scum of the electorate would cotton on to this and say: ‘Hey, what are you doing about it now? You’re in power here!’ So new (or old) targets were found or dusted off. The EU is an easy one, nobody like the EU. But for ‘Hardworking People’, what’ll really piss them off most?

People that don’t work.

Hence we’ve had a relentless anti-benefits campaign from this government, dividing the 99% up into various different factions to stop these factions from knocking their heads together and realising that the problem is stood in the corner wearing a blue tie, eating Foie Gras and drinking fine Champagne. Yes, benefit claimants are the problem. Make the working people think that benefit claimants live a life of luxury, can afford holidays and plasma screen TVs whilst us working families can’t even afford to buy Kingsmill bread, we have to buy Tesco’s own brand (which still costs a fucking pound!).

Make the working people hate the non-working people. Make the disabled prove that they’re disabled. Make people with a spare bedroom move to a smaller property or cut off some benefits (despite there being no smaller properties available), make benefits pay out monthly so these non-working lowlifes have to manage their money monthly, not weekly. Make it more fucking complicated for these cunts. Make them stop having children. Make them want to die. Make them kill themselves. As long as the hardworking people hate them and not us, we’ll win in 2015.

Thing is though, many people who are not working, are hardworking. They are looking for work, they are single mothers, single fathers, carers for the elderly, carers for the disabled, volunteers in their communities, unable to find a job as there aren’t any, being forced to work for Tesco for free etc etc. Of all the people claiming benefits, how many actually do so fraudulently? How many don’t deserve them? How many actually need them? How many go on holidays to Spain every year? We’re being fed the wrong answers to these.

The Hardworking people of Britain (whether in employment or not) need to wake up and see who the real enemy is, and that enemy lies within the M25 and takes on many forms, be it Newspaper Editors or Politicians. The enemy is looking you in the eye and lying to you. Then when you turn your back, they go back to their Champagne, Caviar and Foie Gras and joke amongst themselves about how much money they made on the NHS and Royal Mail sell-offs. They laugh at how much money they’re making from their second jobs working for companies that are benefiting from their corrupt policies.

So yes, this Conservative Government is ruling the benefits system with an iron fist, nobody can say they are weak on that any longer. But we can say they are weak on morals. And not just the government, but the media and the submissive opposition too. Just remember the next time you do your food shopping. Was it the  ’spiralling benefits’ bill or out of control immigration that caused it to be more expensive, or was it greasy politicians and greedy corporations?

If you think for even a millisecond that benefits or immigrants had anything to do with it, you need to look yourself in the mirror.

When The White Man Loses His Honey…

November 3, 2013 at 4:26 pm

…That’s when you know things have gone too far.

Richard Dawkins took to Twitter today, airing a complaint about his honey being confiscated from him by Airport security:


This instantly made me think of the old BBC show: ‘Grumpy Old Men’ where a cacophony of grumpy old men complain about the little things that make their lives an absolutely misery. Taken in isolation, having your honey taken away from you by a ‘jobsworth’ security guard at an airport is of course quite the irritation, particularly when one considers how many Nobel Prizes have been won by Security Guards. None. NONE!

Now I think Richard was trying (badly) to illuminate the point that airport security has gone too far, I mean how dangerous could a little pot of honey really be? How much honey would it take to hi-jack or blow up a plane after all? Of course, Richard’s arrogance knows no bounds, you see the rules are there for a reason and they are clear for all too see (even if you are a world-famous pompous prick). I wonder, if a man or woman of ‘Muslim appearance’ had his honey taken off him, would Richard be quite so irate? I doubt it.

His angry little tweet also gave me mental images of Osama bin Laden and his various deputies sat around a camp fire in the mountains of Tora Bora discussing their grand plan with a hint of Tony Montana:

 In this country, you gotta take the honey first. Then when you get the honey, you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.”

But on a slightly more serious note, before Richard takes the time out to complain about his honey-related injustices, perhaps he should take some time out to think of the lives of Muslims and people who ‘look like’ Muslims. Maybe he should consider the fact that Muslims can barely go anywhere without attracting distrusting glances at best through to being attacked at worst. If we want to fly, we are subjected to harsher, more humiliating questioning and experiences than anybody else.  We are all tarred by the Osama brush. Society has a deep-rooted, thinly-veiled hatred of Muslims. Hatred stirred up by a wide variety of public figures and organisations ranging from this Conservative government and the press through to Tommy Robinson and Mr Dawkins himself.

So when Mr Dawkins is subjected to a four hour interrogation at an airport  just for the colour of his skin, or for his beliefs then perhaps I may consider taking his complaint seriously. When he is stopped at a British airport and asked whether he is travelling with the Asian woman in front of him, to which he says ‘Yes’ and is then told to ‘follow me’ on that basis for a ‘random’ baggage check, he can come back and complain to me. Perhaps when he feels nervous about travelling alone for fear of racist attacks on him, then he can come back to me.

Until then:

Dawkins. Together We Can Find the Cure.”


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